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EngagEnterprise provides a great and reliable place to store public record information with easy accessibility and functionality for users. It is the ultimate reference guide for stakeholder contact information, important documents, communications with stakeholders, meetings and geographic mapping. Steve is very receptive to any feedback which really helps to improve the system as projects evolve.
Theresa Gunn Gunn Communications
PMLINK360 developed a contact management system that fulfilled the exact needs and specifications we were looking for. The CapX 2020 projects involve more than 75,000 landowners, more than 150 government organizations and agencies. It's a tremendous amount of contacts and information to track and the system that PMLINK 360 developed has helped us tremendously to ensure that we're providing the information to stakeholders that we have to provide and tracking the comments we receive. It's exceeded our expectations in every way.
Randy Fordice Great River Energy
I have used this software on several projects to effectively keep track of all stakeholders and their issues and to make sure each is addressed as appropriate. It helps keep us focused on important issues during the planning and permitting phase of a project, provides a very useful database during hearings with regulatory bodies, and also provides useful information that can be used during land acquisition and construction. In addition to stakeholder management, we have also used this software as a database for all types of other project information so everything the project team needs is in one location.
Randy SchroederEnvalue,LLC
ArtisDesigns provided a robust custom contact management system for managing our interaction with stakeholders on a large electric transmission project known as CapX2020. This transmission project consists of 700 miles of new transmission lines and involved notification of over 75,000 landowners that they would potentially be affected. Steve built a customized contact management database that allowed us to track our contacts and interactions with these stakeholders and the XXXX properties they own. The result was a complex, multi-table database that is easy to use. Steve listened and delivered exactly what we wanted.
Grant Stevenson Xcel Energy

EngagEnterprise Features

Complete Tracking of Stakeholder Information

Efficiently manage stakeholder information. Delivering a threaded history of contacts and follow-ups, this user-friendly feature offers an up-to-date stakeholder contact record and retrieval system.


Efficient, effective, easy. With minimal data input, this tool will save valuable resources to locate and retrieve information from anywhere on the site.

Stakeholder Tags

EngagEnterprise allow to you tag stakeholders with whatever meta data is important to you.


Keep the team informed of upcoming events. Easily manage events to keep the team on the same page.

Admin Tools

The system provides tools that allow you to manage certain aspects of the system.

Fully Customizable

We don't believe in one-size-fits all software. Simply define your requirements and we'll implement to your specifications.


The reporting center allows you to create reports and export them to MS Excel.

Google Maps Integration

The system pinpoints your stakeholders location and provides an overview of all stakeholders in a certain state.

Multiple Projects

EngagEnterprise has no limit on the number of projects you can manage. Pricing is based on a per project basis

FAQ Manager

Create FAQ's for your project team and also for the public (EngagExternal PRO required). Keep everybody updated with the common questions about your project.

Integration with EngagExternal PRO

If you need a public presence for your project, EngagEnterprise integrates with EngagExternal PRO. Post news, events and other items from EngagEnterprise and your public website will be updated.

Asset Library

Forget piles of paper to sort. Offering a simple and efficient way to file, retrieve and track important project assets.

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